Thursday, October 3, 2013

First things first: congrats to those going on to the next round of the Men of Omnific Book Boyfriend Smackdown, and thanks to all of those who voted for Nicholas and Matt. Hey, we knew they were lovers, not fighters, right?
And we like the lovers,don't we, ladies?

Next round voting starts today at Love Between The Sheets.


It's October, home of my favorite holiday. Y'all know how much I loves zombies and all things scary and geeky. So let's talk about horror and romance (or at least attraction).

Horror in books and films has always been heavily about sex. Whether it's the teens getting slashed because they dared to take their clothes off :
Even Kevin Bacon bought it because he got nekkid

Don't exactly inspire an 'O' face, do they?

or Dracula's Weird Sisters going down on Jonathan Harker (Don't remember that? Well, it was totally implied--look it up!),

sex infuses many horror stories.

Right now, we're having a run on Zombie Romance (HUGE PLUG: Take a look at Tara Shanley's new one, LOVE IN THE TIME OF THE DEAD!)

But nowhere are sex and death so intertwined than in vampire fiction. I'm not talking just sparking, moony vamps (though, do we ever love them, apparently) , but real, "I DON'T LOVE YOU AT ALL. I JUST WANT TO KILL YOU" vampires.

Post-Twilight, there's been a run of paranormal vampire romances. If I had to choose a horse in this race, J.R. Ward's BLACK DAGGER BROTHERHOOD fellas would win, hands down.

My Zsadist. SSH! Going to my Happy Place...

But when I was a teen (and dinosaurs roamed the earth), the absolute pinnacle of the sexy vamp was Chris Sarandon in Fright Night. He was handsome, smooth, GQ-d out
I still get the vapours over him
I couldn't do the bat thing. JUST. COULDN'T.

(when he wasn't that freaky bat thing)...

 I gotta tell you, for girls in 1985, he was the shit.

I would have let him bite me. Anywhere. Anytime.

So, do you have a favorite movie or book that had you fanning yourself, even as it creeped you out?