Monday, September 30, 2013


HERE IT IS! The one you were waiting for...

ALRIGHTY, FOLKS! Let's get to smacking down!  First round begins TODAY!

In this corner, fighting in the category "Smart Ass and Enigmatic":
Nicholas Cooper (Cocktails & Dreams)

This 27 year old med student at UC Davis is a wild card. Calm, cool, and collected most of the time, but you never know what might set him off--he's a fighter! He left a job as an EMT to return to med school, is fiercely loyal to his friends, and passionate about the woman he loves. Can you ask for anything more? Nick is repped by Just Booked--visit them to enter to win an e-book, then go to Love Between the Sheets to vote! 

In this corner, fighting in the category "Swoony and Sensitive":
Matt Clarke (The Art of Appreciation--coming soon!)

Matt's a grown-ass man; he's 38, a successful sculptor and passionate surfer. He's laid-back, confident, and strong. He's self-protective, though...a loss in his past has made him wary of commitment; his Fortress of Solitude remains inviolate...until someone starts breaking down those walls we all build around our hearts as we get older.What does it take to bring Superman low? You'll have to go to All Romance Reviews to find out and enter to win an e-book! Then go to Love Between the Sheets to vote!

What's in it for you?
-A chance to win e-books every time you vote
-one Grand Prize: a $200 Amazon gift card
-bragging rights when your boy wins!
 It's a win/win situation!  

  My boys need your votes! They're lovers AND fighters, though, and don't mind being underdogs :) First round voting: 9/30-10/2





  1. Ding, ding! Those are two hot competitors for sure. I love Nick's eyes. :-)

  2. I know! to die for--a cross between Cillian Murphy and young Travolta :)