Thursday, December 6, 2012

First we have Kate's "24 days of Christmas and Giveaways", and now THIS?! 
Santa has to be really good to Omnific's publisher this year, because she's being so generous to YOU! Because everyone needs a good book to read over the holidays (we all reach our, "I gotta get away from all this holiday joy before I scream" point before the kids go back to school, right? RIGHT?!), Omnific is offering readers an incredible chance to win one of THREE kindles, each loaded with Omnific titles:

The YA Kindle will be for the Season of Sweetness
The Paranormal Kindle will be for Haunted Holidays
The Adult Contemporary Kindle will be full of Holiday Hotness

Details about which books will be offered on which kindle are available HERE, but you know you want one of them (or all of them--Omnific has a LOT of good writers :D)

Enter now! NOW! NOW!

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012


24DaysofGuestPostsandGiveaways Well, Kate Evangelista and 24 special guests are doing just that! Do yourself a favor and visit her blog each day up until Christmas for fun, thoughtful posts and a chance to win some GREAT prizes.

Today I'm up, talking about my favorite ways to find great gifts for the special people in my life. Take a look!