Thursday, November 1, 2012

...NaNo, and Voting, and Blog Hops. OH MY!


Here's a picture anyway. Because he's pretty.
(mainly because Walking Dead was sort of boring last week. A Rick-free episode? PFFT! Why bother?)  
A lot is going on in my head, so let's take them one by one:
Housekeeping issue. Thank you to all the wonderful people who participated in the blog hop last week. It was a lot of fun!  The winner of my silver sand dollar necklace is KATE S. CONGRATULATIONS! As soon as I get your addy, the necklace will be in the mail. :)

Oh, and I asked about favorite scary movies/books, but forgot to add mine (I'm a bit slow-lol)

SCARIEST MOVIE EVER: The Strangers. Scared the CRAP out of me. Almost strangled my dog in fear. Don't know if I can ever watch it again. 

SCARIEST BOOK: Based on nightmare quotient, IT (King) is the clear winner. I've had nightmares on three separate occasions about that one. King also has my scariest short story: his novella A Good Marriage, also gave me a nightmare. 

Only books or movies to do that to me, and I've read/seen a lot of horrorstuff (I'm a junkie). 

Voting. Is anyone else sick to death of this campaign season? I'm getting to the point that I hate both candidates. I won't bore you with my choice, and I will vote, but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

 Disney bought LucasFilms. Y'all know how I feel about Star Wars (lol), so I'm cautious here. Still they did a good job with letting Marvel alone to make decent superhero movies, so maybe it will be okay. If they have any sense, they'll option R.A. Salvatore's book Vector Prime as one of the proposed movies. Fabulous book! Hell, Lucas probably already owns the rights. There's a scene where Chewie is howling at a descending sun that still sticks in my mind, years after I first read the book. 
My two favorite SW characters. Kill everyone else, I don't care.
 (Hey, I said this would be a Zombie free post, not Geek free post :D)

NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month, to the uninitiated). 

You'll probably read or hear a lot about this, especially if you follow newbie or prospective authors' blogs... but not here (well, except now). The goal of this movement is to get people to write a novel in a month, starting Nov 1 and ending Nov 30.

Respect to those who try this, and I mean that seriously. Writing is a joy (for those who do it), but it can also be damned hard work. It seems to me that there will be an awful lot of terrible novels written this month (lol), but probably the seeds of some fine books as well. I think it might be more productive for those who are of the 'strictly outline and arc every scene/chapter/section and follow to the letter' persuasion of writers. Not being a member of  that tribe, I don't waste my time.  

That doesn't mean that I don't have a GENERAL outline when I start; I do, along with a polished beginning, ending, and a list of critical scenes in my head. I don't write a single thing until I know every word of the first scenes. EVERY WORD. Keeping my general outline and the ultimate ending in mind, I start writing, and every damned time the characters take over. I write until it feels like I'm not taking transcription any more. And then I stop. And I do that again and again until my characters say they're finished and the story arc is complete. Every time I've tried to FORCE that frission, I've come up with stilted scenes and worse dialogue, and sometimes that's what it takes to get the brain working. The characters look at what's written on the page, aghast, and usually start yelling about where the story went wrong. Rewrite, toss the crap, and move on.

But with only a month... no time for that.

So. I'll keep toddling along on edits of the new book, falling into the hole in the page every day and basking in the sun with yummy men and good friends.

Andy Lincoln surfs. It's destiny that he be my male protag ideal. And he's yummy. YAY, ME!

And that's okay. 


  1. I agree that NaNo has its good and bad books. Heh. But if you plan (and then don't rush to publish it on Dec. 1st), it really is a great tool.


    1. I absolutely see how it could be a help. I just can't do it-lol.

  2. A lot going on in this blog post! The Walking Dead is a good show (he is yummy) but I guess it's not my thing because I stopped watching it. I need to read It! I've heard from many people just how scary it is. Haven't read The Strangers. I'm getting VERY tired of the political commercials, especially living in the pivotal state of Ohio. I have a clear fave but I don't even like his commercials anymore. Good luck on your edits!

  3. My goodness - you certainly did cover a lot here! I 100% agree with you on the election season, feels like it's neeeever going to end. The only good thing about living in a state where the winner is a foregone conclusion - and therefore my vote actually doesn't count (but I'm still entering my 2 cents) - is that we don't get barraged w/ nearly as many commercials.

    I'm optimistic about Disney & Star Wars. It's not like Lucasfilms did a stupendous job w/ the last three movies they put out, so I have high hopes Disney will recapture the magic of IV - VI. And how awesome that Leia is now technically a Disney Princess!

    1. Mine is a 'given result' state, too, but I'm still sick to death of it all.

      The first three movies were by far the best (especially EMPIRE STRIKES BACK). Don't you think Han Solo ruined other men for women of our generation? lol Well, him, Lloyd Dobbler, and Jake Ryan. My girls are now stuck on movies from or generation (haha), and even they see the appeal!

      On my way to your blog!

  4. P.S. I tagged you with a little something at my place. ;)

  5. P.P.S. Um, by "last three movies they put out" I mean episodes I - III. I actually have no idea what other movies the studio has put out, ehe.